From today i.e 1 Jan 2016 onward, the Delhi govt implemented the Odd-Even formula to curb the traffic and pollution in the city. This made me to think and write about the traffic and pollution issues we all face in all metro cities in India.

According to me, at least 50 % of traffic problems can be solved by following some discipline while driving any vehicle:

  1. how many times we put on indicator before taking a turn?
  2. how many times we overtake from wrong side?
  3. how many times we switch lanes without putting our indicators on?
  4. how many times we squeeze our two wheelers between the cars, lorries and other vehicles?
  5. how many times do we honk in just 5 min of the drive?
  6. how many times we stick our ears on to mobile phones / head phones / blue tooth devices while driving?
  7. how many times we cross the roads while talking on mobile phones?
  8. how many times we use zebra crossing (assuming it is visible 🙂 ) while crossing the roads?
  9. how many times we slow down our vehicles and allow others to pass?
  10. how many times we use public transport instead of our vehicles?

I drive two wheeler everyday and always keep at left and prefer driving at economy speed range. Two wheelers cause more congestion because they can be squeezed in smaller gaps between two cars / lorries or other big vehicles. I see most of the two-wheelers drive on footpath as well….

And now about the air pollution :

  1. how many times we switch off our vehicles at traffic signals where signal duration is 60 sec or more than 60 sec?
  2. how many times do we service our vehicles?
  3. how many of us buy Diesel variant just to save some money?

Taking good care of vehicle keeps the emission in check and helps to reduce air pollution. I know few people –  friends , relatives, acquaintances etc..who service their vehicle once in 2 or 3 years…yes once in 2 or 3 years! 😦

If we start keeping check on few of the above things, driving on Indian roads will be easier. Of course we need better roads, but lack of better roads does not mean we should not follow traffic rules 🙂

Apart from the odd-even formula, govts must

  1. invest in better roads, separate lanes for bicycles, two wheelers, cars, city buses, mini lorries and of course ambulance
  2. enforce stricter pollution and emission checks and fines for violations
  3. enforce heavy fines for people who honk, do not use indicators, violate lane discipline