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Yes! this is gonna be the most busy months of the year – July to August, for we have an external audit for ISO27001 certification at my organization. Lots of people efforts and time goes in the preparation for the audit especially in a large, multi-location, conglomerate where I work.

Auditor – the most uninvited species on floor are back quizzing the employees on their awareness levels, sniffing through each and everything that they see and read and hear only to find “Whats Wrong”. I’ve audited many companies and many people so far and I surely understand how much pressure it is not only for the auditee but also for the auditors  🙂

Today I conducted a preparatory session for the audit and was surprised by the active participation from the teams. I found them more welcoming than ever for this audit which is really a good sign.

I often ponder over – are audits really necessary? how does one feel when his/her work is checked by someone who is not related to the organization at all? If there were no audit what would  workforce of at least 10 % who are actually involved in compliance and audit do?

All said and done I love audits and I love auditing and being audited, its one class of work that has lots of COMMAND, ARGUMENT, LEARNINGS and IMPROVEMENTS that adds value to the way we work and the way our organizations work.

All the best to me and my team for this audit!!!