It was Friday, last day of the working week. Totally engrossed in completing my weekly tasks, I happened to look out of the window. Thankfully I was working from another location of my company from where I can see though the window – green well maintained lawn, employees walking in the premises, cars, bikes etc…. There was sudden change in the weather – from a hot, burning, and sweaty day, the afternoon changed to a kool  breezy, orange-yellow day, dark clouds in the sky. WOW, I thought. The lawn in the front of my cabin looked shinny, bright, and fresh. In few moments it started raining. I opened the window to get the smell of wet soil. Smell of wet soil – this is something I always love. It was already six in the evening, I quickly finished my work and left from office – to get drenched in the rains. Getting drenched in the rains in hot summers is such a wonderful experience, and I was enjoying every moment, every drop of the rain.

Hardly did I imagine that this rain might cause huge trouble to the local trains running between Lonavala- Pune, and I would reach home only at 10 in the night 😦

Well, the train did leave on time at 7:00 pm but as soon as we reached Khadki, the very typical railway announcement which every commuter hears during monsoon was on– Due to technical problems the train will remain at the station and will not run till further information is obtained.

Because of heavy rains and winds, the overhead wires were entangled somewhere near Talegaon Station.All the trains were halted there and then. A wonderful rainy evening which made the whole atmosphere cool and pleasant was destroyed when I heard this announcement. Everybody in the compartment started wondering how we will reach home and WHEN. Someone had old father waiting for her daughter, someone had six month old baby waiting for mother, someone had over anxious parents waiting for their sons and daughters. Some called their husbands, parents to pick them up, few called at their offices to provide the transport…..

During this period I observed that many of us who travel everyday in the same compartment, we see each other everyday but never  or rarely talk or give a smile.

Six of us who stay at same place in the vicinity of each other got together and one of them called up her husband to pick us. Six of us in a small car, one sitting on others lap somehow finally reached our respective homes by 10:00pm.

Well this is one of those stories which happen every year during monsoon or during sudden rains falling in the month of May. This raises many a questions in my mind which revolve around the following:

1. Why is our Indian transport system so unprepared at all the times?

2. Why dont we have multiple alternatives for public transport which run smoothly and simultaneously and is eaisly available for use to all people?